70 Beautiful Women’s Day Slogans, Quotes and Images

International Women’s Day is celebrated each year on March 8, is a day honouring women and their achievements. It’s also celebrated on August 9th each year in South Africa under the name National Women’s Day as a public holiday.

Its an inspirational way to celebrate womanhood, and appreciate their contributions to the society in all ways be it economic, social, cultural or political arenas. #HappyWomensDay

We have compiled some empowering sayings, quotes and slogans for Women’s Day. 

International Women’s Day Slogans

  1. Women are always beautiful.

  2. Women are as strong as men.

  3. A woman should be an illusion.

  4. Every mother is a working mother.

  5. Break the silence, on men’s violence.

  6. Hope your day is as sweet as you are.

  7. Stand up for women, Its Women’s Day.

  8. Women are the real architects of society.

  9. Behind every successful man is a woman.

  10. Celebrating the Elegance of womanhood.

  11. Celebrating all of woman’s achievements.

  12. Don’t let Women’s Rights get Left behind.

  13. A free race cannot be born of slave mothers.

  14. One is not born a woman, one becomes one.

  15. Woman’s virtue is man’s greatest invention.

  16. Out of the kitchen and into the White House!

  17. One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.

  18. Wishing you a day that’s just like you, Amazing.

  19. Empowering Women – Empowering Humanity.

  20. Equal rights, equal opportunities, Progress for all.

  21. Strong, Confident, Smart, and with a caring heart.

  22. Wonderful Outstanding Marvelous Adorable Nice.

  23. You have everything to take the world in your stride.

  24. Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as outside.

  25. Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition.

  26. Next to the wound, what women make best is the bandage.

  27. A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself.

  28. Equal rights are not special rights. International Women’s Day.

  29. A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon.

  30. Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity.

  31. Equal rights are not special rights. Happy International Women’s Day.

  32. A man’s manhood is reflected in the way, he treats all the women in his life!

  33. The two women exchanged the kind of glance women use when no knife is handy.

  34. The guess, a woman makes is much accurate than the certainty a man asserts.

  35. The rarest thing in the world is a woman who is pleased with photographs of herself.

  36. Women are the mammoth reservoir of power and talent which has yet not been tapped.

  37. A woman performs all the duties of a man but a man cannot do all that a woman can do.

  38. Sure, God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece.

  39. Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.

  40. Women get the last word in every argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.

  41. An angel becomes a woman when she sacrifices her wings. No one can take them for granted. Happy Women’s Day!

  42. The average woman would rather have beauty than brains, because the average man can see better than he can think.

  43. If life is a rainbow, the women are the colors of it. Happy Women’s Day to all women who contribute in making our lives better.

  44. You have always stood beside me like a rock. You are my greatest supporter and have always inspired me. Happy Women’s Day.

  45. You nurture the family and friends, you excel at your job and you make it look easy. You inspire me and make me proud! Happy Women’s Day!

Famous Quotes for Women’s Day

  1. “Nothing will work unless you do”- Maya Angelor

  2. “Self-care isn’t vanity, its sanity.” – Erica Diamond

  3. “I am woman phenomenal woman, that’s me.”- Maya Angelor

  4. “Well behaved women rarely make history” – Eleanor Roosevelt

  5. “Love yourself first, and everything else falls into line.- Lucille Ball

  6. “Women are the real architects of society.”- Harriet Beecher Stowe

  7. “I think the key is for women not to set any limits” – Martina Navratilova

  8. “Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry” – Gloria Steinem

  9. “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” – Malala Yousafzai

  10. “Just because you used to be, doesn’t mean you have to be.”- Dallas Clayton

  11. “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama

  12. “I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that’s me.”―Maya Angelou.

  13. “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission” – Eleanor Roosevelt

  14. Had the woman community had not been there, money would have been meaningless.

  15. You really have to love your self to get anything done in this world”- Lucille Ball

  16. “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which i rebuilt my life” – J.K. Rowling

  17. “Gender equality is critical to the development and peace of every nation.” — Kofi Annan

  18. “The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.” – Charles Malik

  19. “In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will just be leaders.” – Sheryl Sandberg

  20. “Extremists have shown what frighten them most: a girl with a book” – Malala Yousafzai

  21. “Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacity” – Mahatma Gandhi

  22. “Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world” – Hillary Rodham Clinton

  23. “As a woman I have no country. As a woman my country is the whole world” – Virginia Woolf

  24. “The thing women have yet to learn is nobody gives you power. You just take it.” – Roseanne Barr

  25. “You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right”- Aung San Suu Kyi

  26. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou

  27. “There is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. And we are here for the long haul”- Hoda Elsadda

  28. “Empower woman, empower the human community. The base on which the world stands is a women.”

  29. “If women didn’t exist, all the money in the world would have no meaning.” – Aristotle Onassis

  30. “A woman is one who walks on her own footsteps rather than following the direction shown by the crowd.”

  31. “Find something you’re passionate about and stay tremendously interested in it” – Julia Child

  32. “If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman” – Margaret Thatcher

  33. “Whether women are better than men I cannot say – but I can say they are certainly no worse” – Golda Meir

  34. “Feminism is an entire world view or gestalt, not just a laundry list of women’s issues.” – Charlotte Bunch

  35. “Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men.” – Joseph Conrad

  36. “A woman is like a teabag- you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water” – Eleanor Roosevelt

  37. “A woman, she is born with the power to save and love, her existence is based on the truthfulness in her eyes.”

  38. “Strengthen the female mind by enlarging it, and there will be an end to blind obedience.”- Mary Wollstonecraft.

  39. “Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another steppingstone to greatness.” – Oprah Winfrey

  40. “The best way to change the society and the underlying issues is to channelize the power of woman in every walk of life.”

  41. “And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin

  42. “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.” –By Charlotte Brontë in Jane Eyre.

  43. “I love women. They’re the best thing ever created. If they want to be like men and come down to our level, that’s fine” – Mel Gibson

  44. “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to go out and kick ass.” ―By Maya Angelou.

  45. “A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.” – Melinda Gates

  46. “I am a feminist because I believe in social change, equality and making society and the world a more equal place.”- Chantal Partamian

  47. “The history of all times and of today especially, teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves” – Louise Otto

  48. “God gave women intuition and femininity. Used properly, the combination easily jumbles the brain of any man I’ve ever met” – Farrah Fawcett

  49. “The greatest threat to women is the growth and acceptance of a misogynistic, authoritarian and violent culture of militarism”-Amina Mama

  50. “In too many instances, the march to globalization has also meant the marginalization of women and girls. And that must change.” – Hillary Clinton

  51. “Men who treat women as helpless and charming playthings, deserve women who treat men as delightful and generous bank accounts.”- Unknown

  52. “I raise up my voice – not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” – Malala Yousafzai

  53. “By and large, mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacation-less class.” – Anne Morrow Lindberg

  54. “Man is defined as a human being and a woman as a female — whenever she behaves as a human being she is said to imitate the male.”― Simone de Beauvoir.

  55. “Remember the dignity of your womanhood. Do not appeal, do not beg, do not grovel. Take courage, join hands, stand beside us, fight with us” – Christabel Pankhurst

  56. “I hate to hear you talk about all women as if they were fine ladies instead of rational creatures. None of us want to be in calm waters all our lives.”― By Jane Austen in Persuasion.

  57. “Whatever glory belongs to the race for a development unprecedented in history for the given length of time, a full share belongs to the womanhood of the race” – Mary McLeod Bethune

  58. “Make women rational creatures, and free citizens, and they will quickly become good wives; – that is, if men do not neglect the duties of husbands and fathers.” ―Mary Wollstonecraft.

  59. “Women have served all these centuries as looking glasses possessing the magic and delicious power of reflecting the figure of man at twice its natural size.” ― By Virginia Woolf in A Room of One’s Own.

  60. “They may talk of a comet, or a burning mountain, or some such bagatelle; but to me a modest woman, dressed out in all her finery, is the most tremendous object of the whole creation” – Oliver Goldsmith

  61. “To all the little girls who are watching this, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world to pursue and achieve your own dreams.” — Hillary Clinton

  62. “I raise up my voice – not so I can shout but so that those without a voice can be heard. We cannot succeed when half of us are held back.” – Malala Yousafzai

International Women’s Day Slogans and Images

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